Jarrod Bugg

The greatest version of yourself can be achieved by yourself with the correct mindset and knowledge, but will never compare to the level of improvement achieved by having a training partner or trainer. The feedback from 2 bodies in training is far beyond 1.

I am relatively new to the industry but have over 14 years of living and breathing health and fitness in my personal life. This has enabled me to acquire the correct tools to develop great change in body image and fitness levels and the result is a mind and body that thinks its bullet proof.
I can give you correct movement/exercise technique, the right approach to the result you want, nutritional advice and constant support including the motivation needed. Just remember it’s the quality of any movement that’s important.

Qualifications : Cert 3 in Fitness, Cert 4 in Fitness (Personal Training), Senior First Aid/CPR
Specialties : Increase muscle mass, fat loss, high intensity circuit training, increase strength, Crossfit, nutrition advice.

Favourite Exercise : Cable Crunches, Hang Cleans, Standing Glute Kickbacks, Barbell Shoulder Press

Favourite Sport : Crossfit, Cycling, Running, Golf, Tennis

Body/Fitness improvement only happens when the body has worked at 100% effort at any given point during your training, this is the key that many are missing, ability to be within arms reach of your limit.